Rajab, Mi’rāj & al-Quds

السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ

It’s Saturday 6th March 2021.

My chosen subject today is ‘Rajab, Mi’rāj & al-Quds’.

The 7th month of our Islamic Calendar (Hijrī) is Rajab. This is the month we are in at present. It is a very special month, as our Beloved Prophet, صَلَّىٰ ٱللَّٰهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ‎, prayed for Blessings in Rajab and Sha’bān, so that we reach Ramaḍān in a healthy state. This is also the same month when the miraculous journey of Mi’rāj took place.

During this blessed month of Rajab, one of the most important organisations of the UK, Friends of al-‘Aqṣā, based in Leicester, very strongly recommend that Masjids up and down the country, organise programmes during al-‘Aqṣā week.

As this al-‘Aqṣā week is about to commence, our youth group at Masjid-e-Anīsul Islām, here in Blackburn (Lancashire, UK), have very kindly put together an amazing programme, which will be relayed directly from al-Quds after Maghrib today ,اِنْ شَاءَ الَّلهُ. All the details are in the poster:

My first ever visit to al-Quds was in 2012. Nine of us from our charity MWI embarked on a very spiritual 7-day visit taking in al-Quds and Jordan; a remarkable journey. In Ramaḍān 2013, I was blessed with spending the last 10 days of Ramaḍān, including ‘Eid ul-Fiṭr, in al-Quds with my family. It was memorable.

Then, in Ramaḍān 2017, I was blessed with visiting all 3 Harams, ‏مَا شَآءَ الله, starting with al-Quds on the 15th night. The recitation of the verse of Mi’rāj, the first verse of the 15th para, in Masjid al-‘Aqṣā, in Tarāwīḥ, was truly emotional. An amazing experience, which I will cherish for the rest of my life. All 3 visits can be read on my website starting with the following links: 


Back to tonight. I would like to take this opportunity to request each and every person to take part in our programme. Make Maghrib to ‘Ishā tonight a very special family event please. We are in lockdown so there can be no excuses at all. Get your family together, teenagers and young children included, and make it a very special al-Quds evening. It is crucial that all our young children know the importance of al-‘Aqṣā. Please do not miss tonight’s wonderful opportunity.

Finally, if you have performed your Farḍ Ḥajj, then let al-Quds be your next destination, post-Covid. Embark on this magnificent journey with your family ,اِنْ شَاءَ الَّلهُ. Remember, al-‘Aqṣā is inviting you and waiting for you.

Please spread this message with the poster for the programme far and wide.

May the time be near when Masjid al-‘Aqṣā is liberated and our Palestinian brothers, sisters and children taste freedom once again, Āmeen.

جَزَاكَ اللَّهُ خَيْرًا
Request for Du’ās
وَالسَّلَامُ Hanif Dudhwala


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