Ten Blessed Days

السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ

It’s Friday 7th June / 29 Ẓūl Qā’dah 1445H

Ten Blessed Days

As we enter the month of Ẓūl Ḥijjah, we are about to enter 10 very blessed days. The virtues and blessings of the first 10 days of Ẓūl Ḥijjah are very similar to the days of Ramaḍān.

However, for some reason, we do not value these days at all. We have been witnessing for many years, that the first 10 days of Ẓūl Ḥijjah come and go, but there is hardly any extra worship that we carry out.

Let’s make a change this Ẓūl Ḥijjah. Let’s ensure we pray our 5 times Ṣalāh (with Jamā’ah for males) and carry out as much worship as possible. Keeping fasts is very virtuous.

We should be reciting the Qur’ān and keeping away from the TV and Social Media gadgets. It should look and feel like Ramaḍān. We must practise upon this and also get our children to value these days.

May The Almighty give us the ability to spend the next days in His worship and may He keep us away from all sins, Āmeen.

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