Singapore – A Beautiful Country, ‏مَا شَآءَ الله

السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ

It’s Monday 24th October 2022 / 28 Rabi ul-Awwal 1444H.

Singapore – A Beautiful Country, ‏مَا شَآءَ الله

Having travelled to a number of countries, some of which I have tried to capture in the form of travelogues which are on my website under the section My Travels, it was time to visit Singapore and Malaysia.

The days spent in Singapore have been very memorable … memories which will be cherished for a very long time to come. From being a developing country, Singapore is now amongst the richest nations of the world. With a population of just 5 million, over a million are Muslims, ‏.مَا شَآءَ الله

Singapore comprises around 63 islands and is home to 70 Masjids. The most striking feature of this country is its people. I have yet to come across such friendly, smiling and always ready to help, people. Words will not do justice to this brief 4-day visit of mine.

Suffice to say that while I was walking very slowly with a slight limp in the underground metro on a very hot and humid evening, a Singaporean female approached me and ever so kindly asked me if she could assist and help me in walking the rest of the underground.

I couldn’t believe it. A complete stranger, and in a different country, yet so helpful. I politely refused and thanked her. She seemed slightly disappointed and left by saying, ‘Jesus Christ bless you’. I was left speechless.

In my own personal view, it is these beautiful characteristics and manners which have resulted in this country and its people advancing so much, in such a short time. It is known as the safest country in the world. There’s hardly any crime.

A very expensive country but the results of the high taxes and charges are there for everyone to see. The highlight of the journey was what was narrated to me by Muḥammad Fuād, a Singaporean taxi driver.

Singapore has 2 massive casinos. Muḥammad Fuād had picked up a female passenger from one of these casinos, and dropped off at her house. His next customer handed over a pouch to Muḥammad Fuād saying it had been left on the back seat.

As he already had the address of the lady from the casino, Muḥammad Fuād drove to her house and return the pouch. It had 20,000 US dollars inside. When the owner came to open the door and he handed her the pouch, she hadn’t even noticed that she had forgotten it. سُبْحَانَ الله.

Putting the casino part to one side, what honesty and trust. It was amazing to hear. I can go on and on. If you have done your Ḥajj, ‘Umrah, al-Quds and the other Islāmic Ziyārahs, if your circumstances allow, then head for Singapore.

The manmade skyscrapers and stunning buildings are a sight to see. However, the character and hospitality of the locals is heart capturing.

May The Almighty adorn us Muslims with the best of character, which today seems to be more prominent and practised by the people of other faiths and none, Āmeen.

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