France (Winter 1993)

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Ḥāfiẓ Rizvan and I fancied a quick weekend break, so after finding some return coach tickets to Paris for £30 each, we booked our seats, and on a Friday evening in 1993, left Blackburn Boulevard for an early morning crossing from Dover to Calais. We met a friend from Blackburn on the coach, and became a party of three. 

After arriving in Calais on Saturday morning, the coach headed for Paris. We could either get off in Paris and spend the day there, or stay on the coach until Euro Disney.

It was a winter’s weekend in Paris, and although it was cold, we made the most of the day by going up the Eiffel Tower and taking a cruise on the River Seine. During my last visit in 1992, I had not managed to go up the Eiffel tower due to it being a busy period, so this wish was fulfilled on this journey. The panoramic view of Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower was breathtaking.

The three of us spent the day together, and by early evening, we were very tired and exhausted. The cold weather had got the better of us, and our coach was not due till 11pm. The last few hours were difficult to get through. Finally, the coach arrived, and we were back on our way to Calais for an early morning crossing to Dover.

We arrived in Dover on Sunday morning, and by 5pm, back in Blackburn. A good short break, but definitely not the right weather. However, for £30 each, there wasn’t much room for complaint.