Moon Sighting for Safar 1444H

السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ

It’s Friday 26th August 2022.

Moon Sighting for Safar 1444H

As mentioned previously, most of us are only interested in Moon Sighting when we approach the months of Ramaḍān, Shawwāl and Ẓūl Ḥijjah. For the remaining 9 months, we really do not give much interest. This should not be the case.

On the 29th of each Islāmic month, we should all try our utmost best to try and sight the crescent here in the UK. Whether you follow Saudi Arabia or Morocco, there is no harm at all in trying to sight the moon locally.

The New Crescent Society (NCS) advocates local sighting and according to their data of the last 5 years of Moon Sighting here in the UK, this coming Sunday 28th August is the 29th of Muḥarram 1444H. On Sunday at sunset time, the new moon will be around 34 hours old.

Depending on the weather, there is a very good chance of sighting this moon this Sunday here in the UK, اِنْ شَاءَ الَّلهُ. My message today is to request each and every reader to try their utmost best to try and sight the moon this coming Sunday, اِنْ شَاءَ الَّلهُ.

All the information is available on the NCS website. The more sighters we have across the UK, the better the chances of sighting. Therefore, Please share this message of mine with all your contacts all across the UK. The NCS have organised a live feed on Sunday evening.

Finally, remember that we all want unity here in the UK for Ramaḍān and both ‘Eids. In order to work towards achieving this, each and every one of us has to play their part. It’s a communal obligation that we must all fulfil.

If we have enough sighters each month all across the UK, we will be able to sight the moon here in the UK as well. Then we will not need to rely on news from countries like Saudi Arabia and Morocco.

Let’s pray that the day is not too far away when all of us UK Muslims unite on the issue of Moon Sighting, Āmeen.

For those who are interested in the history of Moon Sighting here in the UK, my website has a number of articles on the subject. Please refer to them.

جَزَاكَ اللَّهُ خَيْرًا
Request for Du’ās
وَالسَّلَامُ Hanif Dudhwala (Follower of Hizbul ‘Ulamā UK in Moon Sighting issues)